May 30, 2017


Cosplay at the Isle of Wight Comic Con! GUESTS, COSPLAY GROUPS, CONTEST, PHOTOGRAPHY and more!


There will be a COSPLAY CONTEST at the Isle of Wight Comic Con! Entry is by pre-registration only to guarantee your place.  The FREE cosplay contest ticket can be found on the official ticket site.

If you wish to take part in the cosplay contest on one of the event days then you MUST add this FREE ticket to your order before you check out. You can exchange the ticket for a TOKEN at the entrance marquee on the day of your choice. Cosplay contest tickets are limited to 4 per order!

This is NOT an entry ticket, it only guarantees you a place in the cosplay contest. Ticket can be exchanged for ONE token on one of the event days, so if you have purchased a weekend ticket then you can enter the cosplay contest on ONE of the two days. Any questions then message the Facebook page or email

The Isle of Wight Cosplay Contest is sponsored by MASTER OF DISGUISE from Newport, Isle of Wight. Over the course of the weekend there will be hundreds of pounds worth of prizes given out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place on both days.

There will be a small stage in one of the heated marquees where some of our guests and a special host (TBA) will be judging your costumes. To be eligible for entry, costumes should have hand-made elements accounting to over 50% of the build. This may be checked on the day.

Please also be aware that by attending the event in cosplay or a costume of your choice that you may photographed by other attendees or press. By attending the event in cosplay you consent to this taking place. If however you feel uncomfortable at any time then let a steward or security know.

Security policy is HERE. Weapons and props policy is HERE.

The entire Vectis Remnant Squad of the Star Wars Costuming Group the UK Garrison will be in attendance at the Isle of Wight Comic Con – Jedi be warned!


Please be aware that any guests may cancel at any time and that this list may be subject to change before the event days.