There will be much more at Island Con 2018! With the size of the venue we now have we are thrilled to give you various ZONES or – I-ZONES! – to enjoy. Those ZONES will be listed below in the build up to 2018 and the attractions within each zone will be pictured and described. We’ll also add separate attractions below as and when they get booked in!

The Isle of Wight is one of the richest dinosaur areas in Europe and you can still see dinosaur footprints in Freshwater when the tide is out! With the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom film released in the Summer of 2018 we are proud to present the Island Con DINO ZONE!

It will include a full dinosaur display with many elements including two large interactive dinosaur attractions! There will be baby dinosaurs on show with full fossil display and real-life dinosaur handlers and rangers. We’ll also have drop-in workshops and some public talks from the rangers throughout the weekend and even a virtual reality dinosaur experience! Time to get your dino on!! Updates and new attractions TBA in the build up to 2018!

Cosplay has a massive fan-base on the Isle of Wight and we cannot wait to see what is on show in 2018. The previous event really raised the profile of island cosplayers and we couldn’t be happier in putting on a fully fledged cosplay zone within the event.

We are thrilled to be working with Newport’s Master of Disguise who will look after most of the cosplay zone. They are also supplying the amazing prizes for the cosplay fashion show so do follow them and see what surprises they have in store. In the build up to 2018 we will be announcing cosplay guests, cosplay groups and cosplay events to be listed below!

Island Con 2018 will be host to a fully fledged Doctor Who Zone for all of our Doctor Who fans, and we know there are many of you out there! 

Updates and additions to the zone will be made in the run up to Island con 2018. The Doctor Who zone is sponsored and run by The 20MB Doctor Who Podcast! To kick start the zone we have a full size Tardis, two full size moving Daleks, K-9 to keep an eye on the Daleks and Doctor Dixie Cosplay – for starters!

One thing that was sorely missing last year was more things to do! A lot of our attendees requested to see a bigger area for gaming. Well how about an entire zone dedicated to gaming? At Island Con we are introducing the GAMING ZONE sponsored by the amazing PC CONSULTANTS.

We will have retro gaming machines, some arcade machines, table top gaming and pretty much every area of gaming you can envision! Virtual reality – check! We’ll update the zone with additions all throughout the following months in the build up to 2018.